Students who have completed their 3 or 4 year graduation from India, can apply for post graduation in German Universities. We assist students with their admission process, visa procedures, and post-arrival requirements. German Universities provide post graduation in English and German medium.
STUDY IN GERMANY is your window to the horizon of opportunities with TTIPL. In Study in Germany we strive to deliver impeccable solution for quality education for students who are seeking admissions to German universities. We guide our students to choose the best suitable university of their preference and we extend end to end support all through out from screening of the universities to seeking hostel accommodations.

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

The RWTH Aachen Campus visibly highlights the research prowess of the University. The entrepreneurial mindset and collaboration with industry partners fostered on the Campus benefit both students and employees of RWTH.

The many stimulating ideas are already having an impact in Aachen and the entire tri-border region of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. An innovative knowledge community is evolving that is closely networked with some of the world’s leading research and industry partners.RWTH is a major driving force behind this development. And Aachen, as a livable and lovable city at the crossroads of three cultures, provides an ideal environment for this creative hub.

RWTH Aachen University
Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

The university was founded in 1868. It made a decisive contribution to Bavaria’s transformation from an agricultural state to an industrial state – and to technological progress in Europe. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the best universities in Europe. Top achievements in research and teaching, interdisciplinarity and talent promotion characterize them. In addition, there are strong alliances with companies and with scientific institutions all over the world. TUM is one of the first three universities of excellence in Germany. It regularly performs excellently in international and national rankings.

Technical University of Berlin

TU Berlin has a long and rich tradition and is recognized globally as an excellent research university. TUB’s goal is to continue to develop science and technology for the benefit of society. The members of the university are wholly committed to the principle of sustainable development which tackles contemporary challenges without further burdening future generations. Using innovative, technology-oriented and holistic methodologies TU is contributing to shape up a better future. Research and teaching in the natural, planning and engineering sciences are inextricably linked with the humanities and social sciences. All research and teaching activities serve civilian purposes exclusively.

Technical University of Hamburg

Technology for people is the core motto of The Technical University of Hamburg. TUH trains young people to become committed engineers who have a common focus on technology and sustainability. Technology for people is an important result of the research. The research fields are aligned with the important questions of our time: Advanced Materials & (Bio-)Processes, Aviation & Maritime Technologies, Cyber Physical & Medical Systems, Environmental & Energy Systems, Logistics, Mobility & Infrastructure. TUH develops scientifically sound solutions, for example for a resilient and sustainable energy supply, efficient use and cycles of resources, for digitization, the transport transition and sustainable logistics chains.