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The Salient features of Exams on the German Language

At the A1 level, learners lay the foundation for German proficiency.

Key features include:

  • Basic Vocabulary: A1 focuses on fundamental German vocabulary for daily life, introducing learners to common words and phrases.
  • Simple Sentence Structures: Learners grasp basic sentence structures, allowing them to form simple sentences and engage in basic conversations.
  • Everyday Communication: Emphasis is placed on practical communication skills, enabling learners to navigate essential scenarios like greetings, introductions, and basic interactions.

As learners progress to A2, they encounter more complexity and depth in the language:

Key features include:

  • Expanded Vocabulary: A2 builds on A1 by introducing a broader range of vocabulary, incorporating terms for various daily activities and situations.
  • Grammar Advancement: A2 delves deeper into German grammar, covering more tenses, prepositions, and conjunctions to enhance sentence complexity.
  • Survival Skills: Learners develop the ability to handle routine tasks independently, from shopping to making travel arrangements.

B1 marks a significant step towards fluency, bringing about more nuanced language skills:

Key features include:

  • Conversational Proficiency: Learners at B1 engage in more extended conversations, expressing opinions, and discussing familiar topics with increased confidence.
  • Cultural Understanding: The curriculum integrates cultural aspects, providing insights into German customs, traditions, and societal norms.
  • Increased Independence: B1 equips learners to function independently in a German-speaking environment, whether for travel or basic professional interactions.

At the B2 level, learners approach a higher degree of fluency and sophistication

Key features include:

  • Complex Language Use: B2 emphasises more complex sentence structures, enabling learners to articulate ideas fluently and precisely.
  • Cultural Fluency: Learners gain a deeper understanding of German culture, literature, and media, enhancing their ability to comprehend and engage with advanced content.
  • Professional Competence: B2 equips learners with the language skills needed for professional contexts, such as meetings, presentations, and written communication
In conclusion, progressing through the levels of A1 to B2 in learning German is a rewarding journey. Each level brings distinct features, gradually moulding learners into confident and proficient German speakers, ready to navigate diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes.

Course Details

Travel Trails (India) Pvt. Ltd. shall conduct a comprehensive German language course spanning a duration of 10 and a half months, commencing from 5′ June 2024 to 20″ April 2025, covering proficiency levels A1 to B2.

Course Fee Structure

The total course fee amounts to Rs.1 lakh, payable in three installments as

First Installment

Rs. 25,000- at the time of registration.

Second Installment

Rs. 25,000/- on or before 15th May 2024

Third Installment

Rs. 50,000/- on or before 31st October 2024